8 Great Dating Tips For Cat Lovers Looking For Romance

dating couple with cat

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It’s love at first click. You have found your match, or at least your online dating website says you have; you email each other back and forth and have a couple of stellar phone conversations.

Then you meet, and the spark continues. Your first date is a smashing success. You learn that they share your love for The Flaming Lip’s, you enjoy Nutella crepes, and you both have a penchant for hiking.

All of that is lovely, but they still haven’t passed your biggest test–will they love your cat as much as you do?

Here are eight great dating tips for cat lovers who are ready to take romance to the next level.

1. Make Your Cat Love Known

dating couple with kitten

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You’ll want to make sure the person you are dating knows you have a cat. I’m guessing your dating profile makes it pretty obvious, but if not, make it clear from the start.

If someone is allergic or–even more disturbingly–doesn’t like cats, it’s best to cut your losses and move on to the many others who are not going to complicate your blissful kitty life.

2. Make A Good First Impression

Couple are playing with their pet cat.

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If your cat has problems with jealousy, then you’ll want to take the time to introduce your kitty to your new date properly.

Lots of treats and toys will usually help even a snobby kitty warm up to a new friend.

3. Don’t Push It

couple cuddling with cat

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Your cat could become jealous and react by hiding or hissing. Don’t push the introduction. Your cat will come around soon enough.

Just go about your business and let kitty come out when kitty wants to.

4. Share The Love

Young couple with kittens at home

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Your date could become jealous at how much attention and affection you shower on your cat.

You may need to reassure your human date that they are also very important to you by giving them some cuddle time, too.

5. Keep An Open Mind

man with cat

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Don’t shy away from “dog people” or people who do not own pets.

Opposites attract, and even though things can get tricky when dog and cat people date, your love of all creatures will be the bond that unites you.

6. Don’t Be Shy About Your Love Of Cats

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According to some studies, many people are more attracted to suitors who have pets, so use it to your advantage.

Don’t be shy about posting pics of you and your cat, as fellow pet lovers tend to search for profiles of like-minded significant others and their pets.

7. Let Your Loves Bond

couple at party with cat

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Be prepared for your partner and your cat to fall in love. The things that attract you to both of them will attract them to each other, as well.

Anybody who bonds with your cat is someone worth considering.

8. Just Be You!

Couple in bed holding cats over their faces

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Most importantly, be yourself and don’t rush things. It’s always better for someone to get to know the real you from the start.

If it doesn’t work out, don’t take it personally; it takes time to find the right person to share your home and your cat with.

Do you have dating tips for cat people? How do you let significant others know about your love for all things feline? Let us know in the comments below!