Every Office Needs A Kitty Kondo: Check Out A Cat At The Cat Library

The feline adoption community is always forward thinking and coming up with new and inventive ways to help find homes for homeless cats.

We have heard of Cat Cafe’s and now there are Cat Libraries or Kitty Kondos popping up in places where humans need the calming effects cats offer and where cats are in need of homes.

The Animal Care Center of Mesilla Valley and Dona Ana County, New Mexico have worked together to create the Cat Library also known as the Kitty Kondo. The Cat Library is home to many felines searching for their forever home. It is located inside a government building where over 800 employees are allowed to ‘check-out’ a cat or kitten and take him or her to their desk for up to an hour a day. This offers exposure that homeless cats would not otherwise get.

The topic of allergic employees has come up, and is reported to not be an issue so far.

Many believe that Global Warming is directly related to the dramatic increase in the stray cat population. Longer warm periods are perfect breeding grounds for animals like cats and that means more cats in shelters and rescues. Any way to get these cats out and seen by the general public increases their odds of finding forever homes.

The Cat Library seems to be gaining public interest. What office place or building wouldn’t benefit from a Kitty Kondo or Cat Library? It’s widely believed that pets relieve work place stress and cats are perfect since they don’t need to be walked, are quiet and pretty easy to take care of.

(Photo Credit: Shutterstock)
(Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

It would be so awesome to see more of these popping up in busy offices, on Hollywood studio lots, schools, churches, and anywhere large numbers of people gather to help these loving companion animals find forever homes.

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