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After Adopting Out Over 1,000 Cats, The ‘Kawaii Kitty Cafe’ In Philadelphia Closes Its Doors

At the end of June 2021, the Kawaii Kitty Cafe in Philadelphia sadly announced they would be permanently shutting their doors. The cat cafe carved out a niche for itself by utilizing vibrant and colorful anime-styled décor. They also honored cats up for adoption with fantastical names. We called the venture “like a living version of a Hello Kitty cartoon” when we first reported on it.

But despite helping over 1,000 kitties find forever homes, the cafe couldn’t financially weather these pandemic times.

The news of the cafe’s closing is sad. However, the families and cats who came together thanks to this shop will never forget it. Here’s what happened.

Why Did The Kawaii Kitty Cafe Have To Close?

Breaking the news on Instagram, the cafe’s owner, Kristin Eissler, wrote: “I’ve burned through my hard earned savings trying to keep it afloat, I’ve pivoted the business to video game streaming and merchandise and many other things to try and help us outlast COVID.”

Eissler added that the Kawaii Kitty Cafe was “rejected financial assistance from the state and federal government.”

The cafe was also turned down for over ten grant applications.

“I’m never one to give up but unfortunately there’s no way to fix this,” wrote Eissler. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t devastated, but I know this past year was way worse for so many people.”

We’ll Never Forget The Good They Did For Cats

(Picture Credit: Fiordaliso/Getty Images)

During its years in business, the Kawaii Kitty Cafe successfully adopted out over 1,000 cats.

Some of those felines became stars of the venture’s social media accounts. Notable characters include Miss Cake (who became smitten with a plush Lil BUB toy), Princess Puddingpop, and the portly Professor Pizza, an early resident who ruled the roost and claimed a wonderfully screwy origin story involving space travel and, of course, pizza.

The closing of any cat cafe is sad news. But hearing about the Kawaii Kitty Cafe can also serve as a reminder that even in these adjusted Covid-19 times, there are still ways to support local kitty-themed ventures even if you’re unable to visit them in person.

Consider purchasing gift certificates for future use. Like their social media posts and share links with other feline-focused friends and family. Sign up and take part in any virtual events they’re hosting.

Send a message to the Kawaii Kitty Cafe on Instagram, and let them know how much you appreciate what they’ve done for cats in need. While the cafe may be closing its doors, it brought so many kitties to their forever homes.

Have you ever visited a cat cafe like Kawaii Kitty Cafe? Are you sad to see them shut their doors after helping so many cats? Then let us know in the comments below!


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