Rescue Pets Only Apartment Building In Los Angeles Is A Haven For Responsible Pet Owners

In North Hollywood, California, on a quiet residential street, nestled among the houses, lies a little apartment building with an American flag in front. What makes this apartment building unique, is that to live here, you must own a dog or a cat. Up to 2 dogs of any size and as many as 3 kitties.

Judy Guth, has owned the building for 40 years, and the majority of her tenants have lived here over a decade. If a person with a pet wants to move in, she insists on meeting the one with four legs first. Excessive barking is not allowed, leashes are required, and all pets must be vaccinated and tagged.

Sometimes pets pass away, and when that happens, Judy will accompany you to the shelter. Rescue’s only please. If you don’t want to get a new shelter pet, that is ok. You can pack up and move out. Previous tenants have tried to sue for discrimination, but did not get very far. A spokesperson for the L.A. City Attorney’s office said there are no laws that prohibit a person from only renting to people with or without pets.

Judy has discussed her policies and tried to convince other building owners that people with pets are responsible, the type that you want living in your building. She explains that when people move in, they stay. She very seldom has a vacancy and is constantly having to turn applicants away. Maybe some day other building owners will get wise to this.

She has been offered millions of dollars to sell her 12 unit complex. She’s 85 and willing, but only to a person that will continue to enforce her mandatory pet policy.

Thank you Judy, the dog and cat loving community appreciates your love of shelter pets.



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