Vet holding cat.
(Picture Credit: Bill Oxford/Getty Images)

National Take Your Cat To The Vet Day: 5 Reasons To Schedule Your Cat’s Routine Vet Exam

August 22nd is National Take Your Cat To The Vet Day! It’s a good time to think about scheduling your cat’s annual vet checkup if you haven’t already.

Routine checkups with our doctors ensure that our bodies are running smoothly and healthily. Yearly appointments keep tabs on our health and may even catch an illness before it becomes symptomatic. Logic dictates that we should give our cats the same routine attention.

But the American Humane Society claims that cats don’t go to the vet as often as their canine counterparts, and it’s often only if the cat is showing signs of illness.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) says that less than half of households that have cats in the US seek routine preventative care.

In honor of National Take Your Cat To The Vet Day, we here at CatTime cannot stress the importance of routine check-ups enough. Here are five reasons why you should set up a regular check-up for your cat, stat.

Have you scheduled your cat’s annual vet visit yet? Will you help get the word out on National Take Your Cat To The Vet Day? Let us know in the comments below!


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