Cat kite sailing in the sky
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International Kite Day: 5 Spectacular Cat Kites In Flight [PICTURES]

January 14th is a special day around the world for kite fanatics. Known as International Kite Day, the holiday originated in India and is all about launching a kite into the air and enjoying the way it floats and flutters through the sky.

Of course, as cat lovers, our favorite kites feature flying felines floating in the breeze!

So in honor of International Kite Day, here’s a showcase of five of our favorite cat-centric kites on Instagram.

1. Cat Kites Go Large

Sometimes bigger is definitely better, and that applies fully to the case of this giant black and white cat kite.

The gigantic specimen was on full display for kite fans watching the skies down in Australia.

2. Double Kitty Kite Fun


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Why launch one cat kite into the air when you can showcase two?

Spotted during a winter kite festival in Minnesota, here we’ve got a ginger cat and a fine tuxedo feline frolicking through the blue skies.

3. Ready To Launch!


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The Treasure Island Kite Festival takes place every year in Florida.

Last year’s event was graced by this huge ginger tabby cat whose giant size caused a few take-off issues.

4. Enter Doraemon

Coney Island is a popular tourist destination in New York City, and you’ll often witness people flying kites down on the beach.

In this case, the sky was overtaken by a huge kite crafted in the shape of the anime star cat Doraemon.

5. Ginger Cat Smiles

Finally, if you needed proof that cat kites are a good thing, check out the beaming smile on this proud ginger tabby as he sails through the skies.

Have you ever flown a cat-themed kite? Are you excited for International Kite Day? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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