Wandering orange tabby cat jumps in strangers' cars and looks out car window.
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Wandering Cat Jumps Into Strangers’ Cars, Travels 140 Miles

Sox, a wandering cat, is making headlines after jumping into strangers’ cars and traveling 140 miles round-trip.

Wandering cat goes on epic adventure in strangers’ cars

According to BBC News, Sox is a ginger Tabby with “no boundaries.” He recently departed his home in Herne Bay, Kent. Then, he traveled all the way to Whitstable in a random person’s car. For the final leg of his journey, he hopped aboard another vehicle. Eventually, he arrived in Wallington, a part of south London.

Jessica Roe is Sox’s cat mom. She says this behavior isn’t unusual. In fact, she’s tracked her cat down at many different venues. Once, Sox even escaped to a nightclub!

Roe said the latest incident began on Sunday afternoon. Sox snuck into a woman’s car. When she discovered him, she tried to take him to a vet in Whitstable, but he fled.

“I jokingly said ‘Oh god, as long as he doesn’t get on the train to London, we’ll be okay’,” Roe told BBC News.

Then, Sox hitched a ride in the car of Jacqui O’Connor. She was heading home to London after spending the day at the beach in Whitstable.

“We were driving down the motorway, singing along as you do on the drive home, chatting away, and all of a sudden this head pops in between the two chairs,” O’Connor said.

She was shocked to hear that Sox was 70 miles away from home.

Roe, however, wasn’t fazed. She’s fetched Sox from all sorts of places — from an Amazon delivery truck to a kebab shop to a swimming pool to offices and schools.

“My boys are six and eight and he’s given me good practice for when they get older and want picking up,” she said.

Keeping an eye on the car-hopping cat

Sox’s misadventures have become so commonplace that Roe created a Facebook group dedicated to following the feline.

Ironically, one of the page’s followers saw Sox’s latest escape and offered to drive the wandering feline back home on his drive back from Stonehenge. By Tuesday night, Sox was back in residence with his family…for now.

If you have a cat with wanderlust like Sox, make sure you microchip them in case they wander away. Also, put a collar and tags with current contact information on your cat as an added precaution. As funny as this story is, we all know how devastating it is to lose a beloved pet.

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