Two kittens poking out of a toy red car, needing cat rescue services to be adopted
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Rescue Organization Ad Comparing Cats to Cars Goes Viral, Prompting Carvana Donation

It’s tough to get anyone’s attention in the digital age. So many sites are competing for eyeballs that clever marketing is a must. One cat rescue organization kept this in mind recently when it created an ad campaign that compared its rescue cats to cars. According to Atlanta News First, the creative endeavor prompted Carvana to make a donation to the rescue.

Cat rescue organization launches car-themed ad campaign

Pippi’s Place Pet Rescue is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their team designed an ad campaign for social media that featured rescue cats as cars. The ad’s title is “Catvana.” The organization modeled the campaign off the car company Carvana. Little did the rescue realize how this brilliant idea would pay off.

In the campaign, fur baby Mr. Goodbar became a 2023 Mini-Pooper. Feline friend Arlis turned into a 2014 Furrari. Cat companion Stitch transformed into a 2021 Meowdi.

Kayla Delcoure, the social media and marketing manager for the nonprofit, found inspiration for the ad while watching her spouse shop for a new truck online.

“I posted it on Reddit and that’s where it blew up. They got 4 million views in like eight hours,” Delcoure told Atlanta News First.

The volunteer-run, foster-based rescue usually has anywhere from 40 to 50 cats at a time. But the organization garnered much-needed attention as a result of the viral campaign.

“I think the part that people really seem to be responding to is all the cute names that she gave them. The plays on different types of cars,” Vicki Grizzard, director of Pippi’s Place Pet Rescue, said.

Carvana makes donation to rescue organization

Soon Carvana caught wind of the campaign. The car retailer wrote a check for $4,000 and presented it to the nonprofit.  

“Let’s not do what we think we should do. Let’s connect with them and see what their actual needs are,” is how Allison Andrews of Carvana explained the motivation behind the donation. “Where is aimed to be a force for good in the car buying industry and through the car buying process. That’s just naturally spread through our culture and throughout our team members. So, collectively, we all wanted to do something.”

Pippi’s is using the funds to find forever homes for the many cats and kittens that come into their care during “kitten season.” To adopt one of Pippi’s fur babies, or to foster them, visit the organization’s website.

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