Close up of a 13-foot-python who has been eating cats in Oklahoma City.
(Photo Credit: ultramarinfoto / Getty Images)

Cat-Eating, 13-Foot-Long Python Wreaking Havoc in Oklahoma City

A 13-foot-long python was recently found in a trailer park in Oklahoma City, as per USA Today. The reptile has reportedly been living in the area for close to five months. According to residents, the timeline of the snake’s stay corresponds to when cats around Burntwood Mobile Home Park began disappearing.

Expert hired to rid trailer park of 13-foot-long python

The 13-foot-long Albino python has been filling up on cats and other animals in the mobile home park for just shy of half a year. Recently, an expert, Trevor Bounds of Red Beard Wildlife Control, was hired to assist residents in removing the unwelcomed guest.

As per KFOR, Bounds noted that the snake had been “eating opossums, foot-long rats, and cats.” He added that the “mouth on that thing” is the size of a human foot and can fit something large in it.

Typically, Albinos hunt by constricting, i.e. wrapping themselves around the prey and applying immense pressure to stop the blood flow. Bounds called the above the dangerous part and noted that the python problem should have been tackled “a lot sooner.” The expert further described the snake as “Mike Tyson’s bicep but 13 feet long.”

One of the houses in the trailer park — which is presumed to be the 13-foot-long python’s resting place — has a crawlspace. Bounds noted that while examining the area, they found carcasses of large animals.

Residents urged to stay quiet about the python

As per KFOR, the management of the trailer park urged its residents to stay quiet about the cat-eating python. Reportedly, they sent out a warning to scare people from speaking to the media. An anonymous homeowner believes the only reason management is taking action is because someone snapped a picture of the snake.

What’s more, Trevor Bounds pointed out that the trailer the 13-foot-long python resides in is a few blocks from a swimming pool. Management had closed the pool for the summer but nobody in the community seemed to know why. Bounds believes management publicly withheld their knowledge of the reptile but knew that “having the residents in the pool might not be the safest choice.”


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