Orange tabby cat stuck in tree, in a similar position to the tuxedo kitty rescued at the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.
(Photo Credit: Johner Images | Getty Images)

Arizona Cat Stuck in Pine Tree in Strange Pose Rescued

On June 21, a cat stuck in a pine tree was rescued in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. The tuxedo kitty was found in a strange pose when rescuers first spotted him, with the NPS members unable to stop themselves from snapping some pictures before promptly saving him. Fortunately, the feline has been returned to his humans and is back home safe.

Cat stuck in tree at Grand Canyon National Park rescued and reunited with owner

On Friday, the Grand Canyon NPS posted pictures of the feline on X — formerly known as Twitter. The cat was stuck in the tree in a strange pose, barely balancing himself on a branch until he was rescued. The branch pressed into the middle of his stomach as he rested his front paws on a broken branch so as not to fall off the pine tree at the Grand Canyon National Park.

The feline was finally rescued due to the joint efforts of first responders and firefighters. One of the park spokespersons told People that the cat had escaped from a residential area in the national park. The two-year-old kitty goes by the name Archie. His humans live near the Mather Campground in Grand Canyon National Park.

Fortunately, people spotted and rescued him on time. Archie was stuck about 15 feet above the ground, balancing himself on a ponderosa pine tree branch. The feline’s predicament could have proven fatal if the Grand Canyon NPS hadn’t taken action promptly. Moreover, the cat was rescued in the early afternoon and reunited with his owner the same evening.

In a similar case, another cat was stuck in a tree for five days in New York City, per WABC. The feline was finally rescued on June 18, swiftly making their escape as soon as they were rescued. The residents named them PL Dunbar, and the kitty’s whereabouts are unknown.

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