A cat standing with a hiker, like the one who got stranded on a Boulder flatiron with owner.
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Climber & Cat Rescued From Top of the Flatirons in Colorado

A man’s arduous climb up the Boulder’s Flatirons in Colorado took an unexpected turn, prompting a call for rescue. Last Thursday, on Mar. 28, Austin Wolff started the ascent with his cat, Link, snug in a backpack. However, the journey extended past daylight hours, leaving them stranded in darkness. Luckily, they were rescued from the Flatirons after Wolff sought assistance from the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group.

‘Adventure cat’ needed to be rescued from top of the Boulder’s Flatirons

Wolff, his friend, and Link began their journey around 3:30 p.m., as Fox 31 reported. Anticipating sufficient daylight for their journey, they soon found themselves facing unexpected delays. As a result, they became stranded on top of the Flatirons during nighttime.

In the enveloping darkness, Wolff was with an inexperienced climber and lacked essential gear for the descent. Thus, recognizing the risk, he made the decision to call for assistance. Together, the two climbers and their feline companion endured the cold and darkness, awaiting the arrival of the rescuers.

Wolff recounted, “It took a little bit of a hit on my pride to have to call someone. However, it definitely was the right call. There was no point in staying up there and risking our safety, my cat’s safety.”

When rescue crews arrived, they were astonished to encounter the cat. Wolff may have omitted this detail during the initial call for assistance.

Arriving after midnight, the crews provided them with headlamps and safely lowered everyone to the ground.

In addition, the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group shared a photo, humorously captioning it as “Moonlighting as MEOWtain Rescuers!” Despite concerns, Link emerged unscathed. Wolff reassured that she stayed safe, adding she even dozed off and snored during the rescue operation.

Wolff adopted Link two years ago and diligently trained her to become an “adventure cat.” Together, the duo embark on hiking and climbing escapades, living up to their shared passion for outdoor exploration.

Moreover, they have already explored eight national parks, aiming to traverse all 63. Their upcoming destinations include Utah and Arizona.

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