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Cat Sanctuary Creates Outdoor Playground for Rescue Felines

Feral felines are getting their own outdoor Eden at a cat sanctuary in Faribault, Minnesota. Staff and volunteers at Furball Farm created an outdoor area where dozens of rescue cats can play and socialize.

Cat sanctuary debuts new outdoor space

According to CBS News, the space was made possible through donations. It’s a crucial addition to the cat sanctuary, as many of the rescue felines in residence began their lives outdoors. It is deeply rehabilitative for these fur babies to experience sunshine, fresh air, birdsong, and positive interaction with people in a natural setting. Even better, the cats have access to catwalks and climbing lattices to get their energy out.

“Our playground is officially open!!!” the rescue organization rejoiced on Oct. 11 in a Facebook post. The post garnered 5.9K likes (as of this writing) and caught the attention of the national news.

By giving the cats a safe place to interact, play, and meet people, the organization aims to improve the felines’ well-being. Eventually, staff hopes the cats will be adoptable.

“People care about them. They’re not just nuisance cats trying to struggle outside,” founder Julie Maverts said. “These guys can enjoy the weather and then go in when they’re cold. When they’re hungry, they can go in and get food. I think they’re gonna be a lot happier because they’re in their natural environment. Yes, they can’t actually leave this area but it’s home.”

How to support Furball Farm

Maverts founded the farm in her garage six years ago. The organization specializes in cats that “are deemed unadoptable due to behavior,” according to its website. Furball Farm also provides low-cost spay and neuter surgery in addition to de-worming and flea treatments.

So far, the farm has received and placed hundreds of stray cats into forever homes.

Cat lovers can visit the sanctuary between 1 and 5 p.m. daily. Those who are able should consider donating their time, funds, cat litter, or cat food to the sanctuary.


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