Cats thought to be lost in a Connecticut house fire are found alive and reunited, like these two kittens and their mom.
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Cats Lost in Connecticut House Fire Found Alive

Firefighters from East Haddam, Connecticut, are tending to a kitten they rescued from a house fire. The mother and sibling cats were previously believed to have succumbed to the fire. However, they survived and the three have since been reunited, as per NBC Connecticut.

Melanie Kolek from the East Haddam Fire Department stated, “It’s certainly a great thing that all three of them can be together as these two little ones grow and thrive.” The feline family — including kittens named Soot and Ash, and their mother, Ember — is happily together again. In particular, this news has brought much to the joy of the East Haddam firefighters.

The trio was brought back together after a house fire on North Moodus Road two weeks ago. Eric Walker, an East Haddam firefighter, described the reunion: “It was like clicking two magnets together.” He added, “They went right for each other, and Soot immediately stopped crying.”

Firefighters’ rescue mission for feline family

That day, firefighters faced a chaotic situation, actively tackling flames while rescuing trapped animals, including Soot, who they swiftly took to the vet. Kolek recalled, “It was like a fine dance, and I can’t say enough about what I witnessed from our department personally.”

After receiving necessary medical care, Soot made a successful recovery and was discharged on Saturday, Dec. 2. Assuming he was an orphan, the firefighters took him under their care. Walker said, “One cat had succumbed to smoke inhalation right beside the boxed kittens, so everyone assumed it was the mother cat.”

On Sunday, firefighters informed Soot’s original owners that they had rescued the mother cat and another sibling from the house. Walker and firefighter Michelle Forbes took charge of these cats, as they were already looking after Soot. Forbes pointed out that it was beneficial for the kittens to be raised by their mother. “It’s a better situation for everyone,” she said.

Forbes and Walker are stepping in to temporarily care for the cats, given that their original owners are preoccupied with rebuilding their lives. They aim to eventually find them a new home once the kittens mature enough for adoption. Kolek said, “There’s a waiting list for those who wish to adopt when the little guys are all set and ready to be away from mama.”

Firefighters believe that tending to this cat family situation strengthens their resolve to serve as volunteers. It is their hope that it may even inspire others to consider doing the same. Kolek said, “It renews our faith in volunteerism.” Continuing, she added, “it renews why we do what we do outside of our regular jobs.”


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