A cat with a woman, like the cat in Florida who saved her owner from a fire.
(Photo Credit: Rafael Elias | Getty Images)

Cat Saves Florida Woman From Accidental House Fire

A cat has emerged as a true hero in Port Orange, Florida after saving a woman from a devastating house fire. News of the narrow escape quickly spread, and grateful owner Karen Maceachron recounted how her quick-thinking cat intervened after a candle in the bathroom sparked an accidental blaze. 

Woman hails cat as her ‘hero’ after he saved her from house fire

Thanks to her vigilant cat, Karen Maceachron narrowly avoided a potentially disastrous accident, as Fox 35 News reports. As a result, she dubbed her beloved pet cat a “hero” for his brave actions.

The owner was jolted awake when her cat pawed at her while she slept. Subsequently, she realized the urgent reason behind the disturbance: her home was engulfed in flames. It became clear that her feline companion had been deliberately trying to rouse her from sleep, as the fire originated from a candle Karen had lit the previous night in the bathroom. 

“I forgot it was lit, and I fell asleep watching TV,” she disclosed. 

Karen’s cat Chewy accidentally knocked over the candle, igniting the flames, while she remained sound asleep. She explained that there were several cans on a shelf near her bed, and Chewy started to knock them onto her to awaken her from her slumber. 

When she woke up, Karen found the room filling with smoke and promptly evacuated, taking her pets with her. 

“I just ran out the door. When the door opened, the whole thing went ‘Woosh!’” she recalled. Thankfully, she, Chewy, and her dog, Stella, made it out safely. 

Firefighters successfully managed to contain the fire, despite Karen’s home being completely destroyed, as per Parade Pets. There were no reported injuries. Karen attributes her survival to her cat Chewy, declaring, “He’s my hero.” 

Port Orange Fire & Rescue officials emphasized Kate’s fortunate survival. They highlighted the common risk of carbon monoxide inhalation leading to fatalities in such incidents. An investigator at the scene informed FOX 35 News that had the cat not roused her, the likelihood of Karen waking up was slim.

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