A cat, similar to the one who was recently found in Hawaii after almost two years. He went missing before the Maui wildfires in August last year.
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Maui Wildfires Displaced Woman, Reunited Her With Missing Cat

A cat in Hawaii who went missing almost two years back has been found, reports Hawaii News Now. Hyssy was recently rescued by the Maui Humane Society, a local animal shelter. He was later reunited with his owner, Anna. It remains unclear where the feline lived during this time.

Missing cat’s owner lost her home in Maui wildfires

Anna and her family had lost their home in the deadly Maui wildfires in Lahaina last year. They also lost several other cats following the incident. However, Hyssy had disappeared long before the wildfires. Hence, Anna was surprised when the shelter called her to let her know her beloved pet had been found.

The organization later put up a Facebook post wherein they said after the call, she rushed to the shelter to see her pet. Anna and a community member had previously searched everywhere for the missing cat but couldn’t find him.

“So, when they were reunited with him again months after the fire, they truly couldn’t believe it,” the organization wrote. “The moment they came in, Hyssy recognized them right away, even after so long apart.”

The shelter further highlighted their staff’s efforts, which led to the rescue. Moreover, they added the cat was reunited with his family “a few hours” after he arrived.

Sadly, though, Hyssy won’t be able to move in with his family since they’ve been displaced following the wildfires. However, one of their friends has offered to care for the feline until the family finds a new home.

“We hope to be able to continue to reunite Anna and her other beloved cats,” the shelter added.

Earlier, the shelter helped Anna reunite with another one of her lost cats, Ming-Ming, who went missing during the wildfires.

Maui Humane Society’s efforts to rescue pets lost in wildfires

Anna’s family was one of many who lost their beloved pets during the devastating wildfires in Maui in August last year. The Maui Humane Society has helped rescue several missing cats and dogs following the tragic incident. What’s more, the organization created a Facebook group for people to share information about their lost pets.

“The fires have left thousands of both humans and animals displaced, causing immense distress and creating an urgent need for solidarity within the community,” the shelter said.

They further shared that they were in need of assistance from volunteers. “We need people to come pick up foster animals for SOS Foster to make space for displaced, injured and stray animals.” Continuing, they wrote, “We also need pop-up kennels, pet food and litter. Anyone who has any used supplies that can be donated.”

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