A cat, similar to the one who went missing in a snowstorm three years back and was recently reunited with his owners in England.
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Cat Lost in Snowstorm Reunited With Family 3 Years Later

A cat in England who went missing has been reunited with his owners after three years, reports BBC. Oscar disappeared from his home in Sheffield back in January 2020 amidst a snowstorm. Earlier this month, he was found living in a garden close to his original residence.

Vet unveiled missing cat’s identity after scanning microchip

Oscar was brought to a local vet practice after his health started deteriorating. Subsequently, the vet discovered he was microchipped, following which they contacted the owners.

“I couldn’t believe it,” the cat’s owner Katie Salt told ITV News. “The vet said Oscar had been fed and provided with an outside shelter, but had never been fully taken in by the person that was feeding him.” Continuing, she shared, “They had never thought to get him checked for a microchip.”

Salt further added that her beloved pet remembered her even after three years. “He remembered us, his name, and his home.” She shared, “He’s not stopped purring since he came home and wants cuddles all the time.”

Owner looked for cat months after his snowstorm disappearance

After Oscar went missing, Salt looked for him for several weeks. She and her neighbors put up fliers and posters in the area and also posted about the incident on social media. Recalling the experience, she said, “I had more phone calls and messages than I could count from strangers wondering if a cat they had seen was him – but none were.”

“I walked the streets at night for miles and hours shouting his name, rattling his food, for weeks on end. All to no avail,” Salt recalled. She further said she and her family ultimately concluded the feline must have died. Despite that, she continued to look for him on the streets whenever she went out.

Salt described the experience as “upsetting” and said she was concerned about Oscar’s health, especially since he was a senior cat.

“Years later we would still stop and check over cats that initially looked like him wherever we were.” Continuing, she added, “It was the not knowing that was the hardest part.”

Bill Lambert, a spokesperson for the company that microchipped the cat, said, “We’re so pleased that Oscar and Katie have been reunited.” He further suggested Oscar’s story illustrates the importance of microchipping your pets and updating your details.

Lambert also reminded locals “that the government [has] announced microchipping will become a legal requirement for cats in England from June 2024.”

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