Cat Builds Igloo After Snow Storm [VIDEO]

It may seem odd to think that a feline would enjoy getting their paws cold and wet, but cat logic is impossible for our human minds to understand. One cat even went so far as to build an igloo in the snow! Check out the video.

by CatTime
December 28th

Cats Walking In The Snow For The First Time [VIDEO]

The humans in this video responsibly keep their cats harnessed and on leash for their journey into the outdoors. If you’re going to let your cat test out the snow, take a lesson from the video and keep your cat safe.

by CatTime
December 27th

CatTime’s top 10 cat news stories in 2012

This year had no shortage of news stories about cats — from telephone-pole rescues to abuse. Here is a countdown of the top 10 news stories posted on CatTime that generated the most traffic.10. Cat saved from euthanasia as ordered in owner’s willWhen Georgia Lee Dvorak passed away, she donated her entire $1.3 million estate […]

by Mike Dogtime
December 19th, 2012

Acid-burned cat named Snow is “healed”

According to an August 2 post on Snow’s Facebook page, the cat has been declared fully healed.Snow was found in April in Sterling Heights, Mich., when a couple noticed the stray cat in their backyard. The feline had been burned with some kind of chemical acid.After four months of treatment and rehabilitation, Snow is as […]

by CatTime
August 7th, 2012
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