An abused cat, similar to the one who was stuffed in a trash bag by a man and slammed on to the ground.
(Photo Credit: Vera Tikhonova | Getty Images)

Man Caught Stuffing Cat in Trash Bag

A man in Ohio was caught stuffing a cat in a trash bag and slamming it on the floor, reports Law & Crime. The horrific incident was captured on surveillance footage and police are currently searching for the man. Although the feline was later found alive with injuries, veterinarians decided to put the animal down.

Cat heard screeching in video after being stuffed in trash bag

According to the police, the cat can be heard screaming in the video after being captured by the man. “What we have here today is a very, very disturbing video,” Sheriff Richard Jones said in a Facebook video post. “And we need everybody’s help to see if we can identify this individual.”

As per the police, the man started chasing the feline into the Indian Springs Apartment Complex in Hamilton last month. In the surveillance footage, the man can be seen trapping the feline and stuffing them in a plastic trash bag. He subsequently tightens the bag using its red straps, following which he slams it onto the ground. He then goes on to dump the cat in a bag behind the building.

The next day, Deputy Dog Warden Burkett found the cat alive. Authorities later went on to do a “cruelty exam” on the feline, which revealed the cat sustained a fractured pelvis and spine. Ultimately, the cat had to be euthanized. As per the vet, the animal suffered injuries to their spine after being slammed to the ground.

Jones further went on to speak at length about pet abuse and the importance of protecting animals. “Pets are among us, and you take care of pets. You don’t abuse pets – cats, dogs, horses, any of these things.”

He also assured the community that the police are actively looking to find the culprit seen in the clip. “This is ridiculous. We’re not that kind of people,” he added. “So anybody who knows this individual, give us a call. We’re not going to let this rest until we get this person that’s done this to this cat.”

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