A cat in a cage like the Connecticut man charged with dumping cats in crates.
(Photo Credit: Heather Paul | Getty Images)

Connecticut Man Charged With Cat-Dumping

A man in Connecticut is facing 15 counts of animal cruelty for allegedly dumping cats. Arthur Palace, the accused, surrendered himself to authorities recently. The investigation began in September last year after an officer discovered two crates filled with 15 cats on River Road while en route to work.

Bridgeport man charged with animal cruelty for dumping cats in Stratford

The Bridgeport resident is facing 15 charges of animal cruelty, as per News 12 Connecticut. Arthur Palace, who is accused of abandoning cats in Stratford, has voluntarily turned himself in.

The investigation commenced in September 2023 after an officer stumbled upon two crates containing 15 cats on River Road. This led to an intervention by Stratford Animal Control, which successfully rescued the felines. Subsequently, the animal control officials initiated fundraising efforts via social media to support the veterinary expenses of the cats.

In addition, Stratford police acknowledged Detective Jennifer Murolo’s pivotal role in Palace’s arrest.  Captain Jerry Pinto stated, “Detective Murolo did a great job, and we wouldn’t be where we were without her, so it’s all on her.”

Palace has posted a $50,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court next month, News 12 Connecticut reported. 

Further, the police emphasized that there are a number of animal shelters in the area where people can surrender their pets instead of abandoning them in the middle of nowhere. Such concerning actions endanger the welfare of innocent creatures.

This case highlights the significance of responsible pet ownership and the consequences of neglectful behavior towards animals. It also underscores the ongoing need for public awareness and support for animal welfare initiatives to prevent such occurrences in the future. 

With the cooperation of law enforcement and the diligent efforts of animal control officials, justice is being pursued for the welfare of the abandoned cats.

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