Adult tabby cat playing fighting with border collie puppy in the garden. Motion blur in the dog because of the movement
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Teen Encourages Dogs To Kill Cat in Florida, Faces Charges

On April 21, a disturbing incident shook the Broward County community in Florida. A 14-year-old was taken into custody for his involvement in a case in which several dogs killed a stray cat. The investigation began on April 22, and the authorities finally arrested the suspect on Wednesday, May 1.

Teen arrested and faces charges for instigating dogs to kill cat

A teen has been linked to the death of a neighborhood cat in Broward County. They have been arrested and face charges of animal cruelty, per NBC 6. The 14-year-old has been charged with baiting animals, animal cruelty involving torment, and animal cruelty resulting in death. Broward Sheriff’s Office said that the act is “reprehensible” and the community should stay vigilant to protect small, vulnerable animals.

In the surveillance video retrieved by the investigators, one can see the teen throwing something at the cat. The stray was simply sitting on top of a car, and the 14-year-old tried to get the feline to climb down by tossing that item. Unfortunately, when the kitty jumped down from the top of the car, two dogs instantly started chasing him. A few hours later, a woman found the cat dead in a yard with gruesome bite marks on his body.

The black cat was named Ringo and was cared for by several residents. On the day his body was discovered, the residents went out to feed him but couldn’t find him. It eventually led to the community looking for him together. While searching, unfortunately, one of the residents found the stray’s body in a yard where he used to run to for safety.

Broward Sheriff’s Office had been investigating the case for several days, gathering evidence and talking to individuals in the community before they made the arrest. The teen was finally accused of luring Ringo to his death. The suspect’s identity hasn’t been disclosed, but the Sheriff’s Office has stated that they will be sent to the Juvenile Assessment Center for processing.

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