A cat, similar to the one who was rescued from a snake by a woman in Australia.
(Photo Credit: Carlos G. Lopez | Getty Images)

Australian Woman Saves Cat From Snake

A woman in Australia rescued her cat from a snake that had wrapped around the pet’s neck, reports People Magazine. Mabel, the feline, was seen outside her house with what looked like a small python “tightly coiled around her neck” last month. Rebecca Daynes, the pet parent, later found out that it was an eastern brown snake, the most lethal snake in Australia.

Cat rescued from snake using kitchen tongs

Daynes shared in a Facebook post that she managed to get rid of the snake from her pet’s neck using a pair of kitchen tongs. In the post, Daynes also shared her cat has been suffering from a brain tumor.

In an interview with Newsweek, Daynes spoke further at length about Mabel’s health. “She’s very old and slow these days, so on the rare occasion she manages to get outside she typically just finds a spot in the sun to sleep,” Daynes said. Adding, “So I wasn’t particularly worried.”

She shared she saw the cat with the snake around her neck later during lunchtime and rushed to rescue her. “I was obviously shocked and ran to remove the snake, thinking it was most likely a small python.”

Continuing, she said, “Pythons can deliver a nasty bite but they aren’t venomous, however as soon as I got closer I could tell that it wasn’t.”

She subsequently snapped a picture of the snake and sent it to her son. After learning it was an eastern brown snake, she feared Mabel might lose her life, but the feline survived. Eastern brown snakes are an extremely venomous species of snakes native to the area. According to the Australian Museum, they are responsible for causing the most number of snake bites in the country.

Daynes further told Newsweek the snake later disappeared and she hasn’t seen it since. She added her cat is currently doing well and hasn’t shown any symptoms two days after the incident.

“It’s now been over 48 hours and she is still completely fine,” Daynes remarked. “She’s currently sitting by the fridge trying to convince me she needs a second dinner.”

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