Kate McKinnon Mayo Cat Super Bowl ad
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Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson’s ‘Mayo Cat’ Super Bowl Ad

Since departing Saturday Night Live at the conclusion of Season 47, both Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson have continued to make audiences laugh and they collaborated again for the “Mayo Cat” Super Bowl commercial, as per NBC.

Everything to know about ‘Mayo Cat’ from Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson’s Super Bowl Commercial

Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson are famous for their comedic talents and they showcased them yet again in a comedic Super Bowl LVIII commercial. They star in Hellmann’s “Mayo Cat” ad which aired during the Super Bowl game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. 

Watch the “Mayo Cat” commercial here:

Fans of Kate McKinnon know about her affinity for cats, particularly through the “Whiskers R We” sketch on SNL. In addition, she owns a cat named Nino Positano. This made her the ideal person to star alongside the real star of the ad — the cat.

The ad showcases McKinnon assessing the contents of her refrigerator, thinking about what she is going to make with the contents inside. Suddenly, the cat sitting across from her raises a paw toward the Hellmann mayonnaise jar and emits a meow that resembles the word “mayo!”

Hence, this leads to a montage of their journey to stardom on morning shows, book signings, and lecture halls. Moreover, the cat becomes famous as the “Mayo cat.”

The ad concludes with a clever twist, as per GBH. The cat engages in dating Pete Davidson and subsequently breaks up with him.  “You lasted longer than most,” McKinnon jokingly says.

Additionally, the commercial seems to convey a message about reducing food waste. The brand’s solution to the problem is to mix generous amounts of mayonnaise with your leftovers. 

McKinnon’s cat was not in the ‘Mayo Cat’ ad

Kate McKinnon’s adorable black-and-white goes by the name of Nino Positano. He did not appear in the Hellman’s ad. However, that doesn’t mean he hadn’t had his fair share of limelight. He appeared with McKinnon in a quarantine edition of “Whiskers R We” on April 25, 2020.


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