A cat on the side of the road, like the cat who was dumped in a pillowcase near Niagara Falls.
(Photo Credit: Dennis Sihaloho | Getty Images)

Cat Discarded on Road in Tied-up Pillowcase in Pouring Rain

A resilient cat was discovered dumped in a tied-up pillowcase along a rain-soaked road near Niagara Falls, New York. A compassionate individual saw the pillowcase moving amidst the downpour and rescued the cat. Despite the harrowing experience, the cat remains unharmed and is currently recuperating in the comforting surroundings of the Niagara SPCA.

Cat dumped in pillowcase ultimately rescued by Niagara SPCA

The Niagara SPCA recently took in an abandoned cat found on the road, confined in a tied-up pillowcase, as per People. Initially discovered by a Good Samaritan, the cat emerged unscathed from the ordeal. Presently, the cat is enjoying a peaceful respite at the rescue organization while efforts are underway to reunite her with her owner.

In a Facebook post shared on Feb. 27, Niagara SPCA described the whole “act of animal abandonment.” The post included two images of the cat, capturing the feline with wide-eyed expressions and partially damp fur. They also shared an image depicting the pink-purple pillowcase which contained the cat.

According to the post’s caption, the cat was dumped or “potentially tossed” in pouring rain, wrapped up in a pillowcase on the roadside near Bond Lake on Feb. 27. A woman passing in her car saw the bag moving. She got out to intervene and untied the pillowcase. Immediately, the animal darted out and “climbed into the engine of her car.”

Subsequently, the woman reached out to local authorities for assistance, who then contacted the Niagara SPCA for aid. Agents from the rescue swiftly responded to the scene, carefully extracting the cat from the woman’s vehicle. Finally, they transported her to the organization’s facility for further care. 

The cat “seems no worse for the wear”, aside from being soaking wet and a little scared, the rescue said. Additionally, they are looking for someone to adopt the adorable feline. However, before starting the search for a new home, they are conducting inquiries to ascertain whether she already has a family. 

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