A Bengal cat walking on a plank while staring at something, 70 neglected Bengal cats were rescued from a single house in the U.K.
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70 Bengal Cats Rescued from UK Home Exposes ‘Backyard Breeding’ Crisis

An animal welfare charity in the United Kingdom is appealing for donations after rescuing 70 Bengal cats crowded in a single house in Runcorn, England.

Warrington Animal Welfare, who facilitated this large-scale rescue, described it as “an example of backstreet breeding at its worst.” The charity revealed they’ve never taken in such a huge number of felines before, adding that they found the cats in appalling conditions.

28 adult Bengal cats and 42 kittens rescued from a single house in Runcorn

According to BBC News, Warrington Animal Welfare carried out the mass rescue on Feb. 28 after receiving reports of the neglected felines on the Runcorn property. Out of the 70 cats rescued, 28 are adults and the rest are kittens.

The charity found the Bengal cats — who can each fetch as high as £1,000 — crowded in cages. Unfortunately, they’re battling various ailments, including cat flu, eye issues, malnutrition, and stomach problems.

Runcorn & Widness World News reported that the adult felines “were forced to give birth to pedigree kittens for financial gain.” Evidently, this large-scale rescue sheds light on the magnitude and cruelty associated with irresponsible cat breeding.

Currently, the cats are receiving veterinary treatment and care.

“They will all need neutering, vaccinating, and veterinary care to get them back to full health,” Warrington Animal Welfare said in a statement. “We are appealing for dry kitten food, gastrointestinal cat food (both wet and dry), and fortiflora probiotic sachets.”

The charity made a desperate appeal to the public for financial support to properly care for the rescued felines.

“We need to purchase LOTS of eye drops to treat some poorly eyes, vaccinations for all the cats, and we need to raise funds to pay for them all to be neutered.”

Moreover, the U.K.-based charity shared they’ll place the cats up for adoption once they’re in good shape health-wise.

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