Close-up of a purebred cat, like the one targeted by cat burglars who invaded a Connecticut home
(Photo Credit: Viktoriya Dikareva | Getty Images)

Armed Burglars Demand ‘High Value’ Cat During Home Invasion

Police in East Haven, Connecticut, are in hot pursuit of two armed men who broke into a home and demanded what authorities described as a “high dollar value cat.” Luckily, the suspects’ attempts to steal the feline in question were unsuccessful.

Intruders attempted to steal cat during home invasion

According to NBC Connecticut, the home invasion happened on Sunday, Mar. 17. At around 3:45 p.m., officers with the East Haven Police Department responded to the residence after receiving reports of the break-in. Unfortunately, the two armed burglars had already fled the scene by the time police arrived.

The victim — whose identity hasn’t been disclosed to the public — told authorities the suspects made their way inside after kicking a sliding glass door in the back of the home. Once inside, the two men brandished firearms and began demanding the resident’s expensive cat.

One brave neighbor tried to fight off the suspects as they searched the entire home for the high-valued feline. After several minutes of searching for the cat without success, the two burglars eventually took off in a blue BMW.

As of now, it remains unclear what breed the feline is.

Investigations into the home invasion led to detectives recovering the suspects’ BMW. The vehicle has since been processed for evidence. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries in connection with the incident.

Upon further investigations, authorities determined the cat burglars and the victim know each other. Additionally, investigations established that the attack was targeted, not random.

Camilo Florentino, a neighbor who lives next to the invaded home, told the news outlet: “For the last four years that I’ve been living here, I’ve been complaining because the cops are constantly here.”

In the recent past, theft cases of high-valued dog and cat breeds have soared. Findings by Caster show that among the top cat breeds targeted by thieves include the Maine Coon, Bengal cats, Russian Blues, Domestic Shorthairs, and Ragdolls.

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