Orange cat sitting on top of a SUV roof.
(Photo Credit: Feiyu Chen / 500px | Getty Images)

Arizona Cat on SUV Roof Rescued Before Reaching Highway

A Flagstaff towing company owner spotted a cat on top of an SUV roof headed straight for the highway. Fortunately, the feline jumped off the vehicle’s roof before it was on the busy road. The kitty has been rescued and is in the care of High Country Humane. The rescuer is more than happy to adopt the cat if no one comes to claim him.

Cat lounging on SUV roof saved before vehicle reaches highway in Flagstaff

On June 10, David Giuseppone noticed a cat on the roof of a running SUV. The vehicle was headed straight for Route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Fortunately, the kitty knew better and jumped off before the SUV sped up. Once the vehicle was on the highway, it would have been much trickier to rescue the cat.

The feline, named Liam, has been determined to be about eight years old. The towing company owner first heard the cat’s meowing before he spotted him on top of the SUV’s roof. At first, Giuseppone assumed it must be a neighborhood kitty, but when he realized Liam’s predicament, he started chasing after the vehicle in an effort to stop it.

Luckily, the cat was able to jump off the SUV roof safely. However, he was scared when he landed on the street. Giuseppone was able to corner and rescue him successfully, taking him to the High Country Humane to help locate his family. He told Fox 10 that the cat was probably lounging on the vehicle’s roof when it started speeding away. Liam is a non-reactive feline, so his not being too bothered with the SUV starting wouldn’t be a surprise.

Fortunately, Liam was microchipped, but the information wasn’t updated, so it couldn’t help his rescuers return him to his family. The towing company owner is trying to find Liam’s pet parents. However, if no one comes to collect him, he will happily provide the cat a loving forever home.

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