Undercover Mouse from My Three Cats & Co.

Pet Product Review – Undercover Mouse from My Three Cats & Co.

Undercover Mouse from My Three Cats

My cats love it when I stick my hand under a blanket or pillow and move it around quickly, giving them a peak at my fingers only occasionally. Our hide-and-seek hand game is fun but, after a vigorous play session, I usually walk away wounded.

The Under Cover Mouse looked like it might give the cats the same predator-prey stimulation they crave, while also saving my poor skin some wear and tear.

This battery operated, interactive toy is shaped like a flying saucer, with a wand that “sweeps” the floor, and a round nylon cover. It takes 3 AA batteries and has 4 speeds: slow, middle, fast and random.
Buddha loves this thing! The little red “tail” that peaks out from under the yellow cover torments him! It slides around, sometimes teasing the poor guy by “swishing” in one spot before quickly moving on. My husband can’t stop laughing when he watches Buddha play with the toy on the “random” speed. Buddha gets very sad every time I turn it off.
5 Paw Rating Paws-itively 5 cat paws up for the Undercover Mouse!

You can purchase the Undercover Mouse for $32.95 at MyThreeCats.com. While you’re there, be sure to browse their assortment of cat supplies which includes everything from collars and furniture to toys and fountains!

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