4 Ways To Get Into Back To School Mode With Your Cat

Back to school season can be a time of adjustment for your cat — especially if the household becomes quieter during the day once the kids are no longer running around. But beyond keeping your eye on how your cat is adjusting to the changes, back to school time is also a great prompt to get up to speed with some important cat welfare issues that you might have let slide during the summer months.

Here are four feline-focussed things to do when the kids head back to school and you have a little more time on your hands.

1. Schedule That Wellness Visit

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When your cat seems fine and healthy, it’s easy to forgot to schedule those important yearly wellness check ups with the vet. So don’t just get organized about going back to school — get organized about booking that appointment at the vets. It might also be a good time to consider home vet visits.

2. Refresh Those Cat Toys

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We all know cats can be finicky when it comes to playing with toys. But variety really helps keep their playtime instinct piqued — so round up your cat’s current toys and refresh them with either older favorites in storage or some new play items. Maybe even get all crafty and make some cat toys yourself!

3. Get Back To Grooming

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Cats are wonderfully clean creatures who wash themselves daily. But even if you have a domestic shorthair, it’s important to get in a couple of solid grooming sessions each week with the brush. This will help maintain your cat’s coat, and also alert you to any icky mats she might be developing.

4. Make Sure You’re Feeding Your Cat The Correct Amount Of Food

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It’s easy for feline obesity to creep up on a cat — especially an indoor cat who might not be as active as a feline with outdoor privileges. So pick up your cat and weigh her: A simple way to do this at home is to weigh yourself on a scale with and without holding your cat, then pick her up and step on the scale again and do the math. If your kitty seems a little overweight check the feeding guidelines on her daily food to make sure you haven’t accidentally slipped into overfeeding her. Make an adjustment. Even just taking away a couple tablespoons of food each day can help your cat get slim and trim over time.