As cat parents, we sometimes have to do some pretty dirty jobs. One of the dirtiest is, of course, dealing with the litter box.

Not only do we need to scoop up what our kitties leave behind, but we also have to deal with the litter itself. And when you have a poor-quality litter, it can make things even more unpleasant, both for you and your cat. If you’re frustrated with the whole litter box situation, it’s time to try switching to a new, faster absorbing cat litter. In just a week after making the change to Clump & Seal™ AbsorbX™ cat litter from Arm & Hammer™, you and your cat will start to notice some major benefits! Here’s what can happen in one week when you switch to a quick absorbing litter.

Day One

You Do Much Less Heavy Lifting

The first thing you probably notice when you buy cat litter is all the heavy lifting. Depending on the size of the box or bag that you buy, you might have to lift something that weighs the same as anything from a large bowling ball to a small child every time you replenish your supply.

A good litter will give you more for less, meaning you’ll get more out of every pound. When you find a lightweight litter, you won’t have to feel all the aches and pains of such frequent heavy lifting. Clump & Seal™ AbsorbX™ is 50 percent lighter than regular litter from Arm & Hammer™. That means you’ll do half as much straining every time you purchase.

Day Two

Your Home Smells Better

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to kitty litter is odor. A good litter doesn’t just need to cover up the scents left by our cats potty time; it also needs to trap bad odors and prevent them from wafting through your home.

A smelly litter box can be off-putting for your cat, too. You may notice that your feline has accidents from time to time and marks outside of the box. One of the reasons for this might be a dirty, stinky litter box. With a litter that traps odors, your cat may feel more inclined to do their business where they’re supposed to.

And guests in your home will notice, as well. One of the most common complaints people have when visiting a cat-loving home is the smell of the litter box. When you have a litter that absorbs wetness in seconds to trap and seal offensive scents, those upturned noses will be a thing of the past.

Day Three

You Scoop Easier

Scooping the litter box is an important task. Our cats don’t take too well to going potty in an area that’s already full of their leavings. So we cat parents need to keep the box as clean as possible.

But with a poor-quality litter, that task becomes a hassle -- and possibly a mess! A litter that doesn’t absorb moisture and clump well will leave you with a wet, crumbly nightmare of a chore, and no one wants that. With a quick absorbing cat litter, you’ll notice that scooping is quick, easy, and less messy as the litter forms rock-hard clumps.

That might leave you less inclined to procrastinate when it comes to cleaning the litter box, and your feline will appreciate that.


Day Four

No More Dusty Mess

Sometimes when you inevitably have to refill your cat’s litter box, you may have to do more cleaning than you bargained for. That’s because some litters leave dust when you pour, and that dust can get just about everywhere, creating another mess that can spread around your home.

Clump & Seal™ AbsorbX™ is 100 percent dust free, so you won’t have to worry about dust floating throughout your living space every time you pour a refill. The litter’s Desert Dry Minerals™ that quickly absorb wetness in seconds will stay right where you pour them – in your cat’s litter box.

And less time spent cleaning a dusty mess means more time that you have to spend playing with your cat!

Day Five

Your Cat Is More Comfortable

I don’t need to tell you that cats can be finicky creatures. You’ve probably seen your kitty turn away from certain treats, toys, or even water bowls seemingly without a reason. Litter is no exception.

Cats may dislike their litter because it smells bad, or because it doesn’t feel nice on their paws, or because it doesn’t properly cover their droppings.

Cats know what they like, and they know what makes them comfortable. A bad litter can put them off enough to cause litter box aversion, which can lead to accidents throughout your home. Switching to a quick absorbing litter can make your cat far more comfortable when it comes to litter box time, saving you from having stinky messes to clean up around your home.

Clump & Seal™ AbsorbX™ is unique because it’s made with Desert Dry Minerals™ that absorb wetness in seconds, making the litter box a friendlier experience for your kitty!


Day Six

Kitty Cuddle Time Is Even Better

Cats are fastidious animals. They like to keep themselves clean. But when you have a dusty, smelly cat litter, they may not always be able to keep themselves as clean as they could be by self-grooming.

A litter with strong odor control will keep your cat smelling a lot fresher, and it’s much more fun to shower your kitty with kisses and snuggles when they aren’t making you hold your nose.

The less time you spend cleaning up after litter messes, deodorizing your home, and wiping up dust, the more time you’ll have to spend bonding with your cat. A quick absorbing litter means more quality cuddle time!

Day Seven

You No Longer Dread The Litter Box

Most of us cat parents dread dealing with the litter box. From scooping to lifting to cleaning up the messes bad litter can leave behind, it’s a pain. In fact, most of us hide the litter box away in a low-traffic area of the home just to keep it out of sight and away from our noses.

But when you have a cat litter that clumps, absorbs wetness to trap odors and moisture, weighs less, and leaves your home dust free, you’ll no longer dread dealing with the litter box. In fact, you may not feel like you have to hide it away in some corner just to avoid smelling or looking at it.

Cleaning and refilling the box becomes much easier, and you won’t feel such a need to put those tasks off. That will make both you and your cat happier. Arm & Hammer’s Clump & Seal™ AbsorbX™ cat litter is quick absorbing,lightweight, dust free, and guarantees seven days of odor control to destroy bad smells on contact. So don’t put off switching to this new and unique cat litter. Your feline friend will thank you, and you’ll both see a lot of benefits even after just one week!

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