Cat litter

When it comes to using a litter box, what lies beneath her paws is important to your cat or kitten. Cats who “think outside the box” are often responding to a litter they don’t like.

These days, choices abound. Beyond traditional clay litter, there are clumping litters, eco-friendly litters, and litter crystals or pearls. Smell and texture are important to cats, and some studies suggest they prefer the sandy feel of clay or clumping litters— not the most environmentally-friendly options, unfortunately — and unscented litters over the pine and citrus scents their people go for.

Aside from picking a litter your cat will actually use, there are other factors to consider: ease of cleaning, odor-fighting power, eco-friendliness, and how likely it is to send up clouds of dust or track through the house. There may be no one perfect litter (yet), but our reviews will help you make the best choice for you and your cat.

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