Ages and Stages

Adolescent Cats: What To Expect And What You Can Do

One day you have a cute kitten, the next you’re living with a teenage cat who’s decided it’s time to make their mark on the world—literally. Here are a few things you can expect to see with an adolescent cat–and some ways you can reduce the stress they cause.

by CatTime
April 23rd

The Advantages Of Adopting A Senior Cat

Looking to add a feline to the family, but think that kittens are too much work? Consider an older kitty instead with the top three advantages of adopting a senior cat.

by CatTime
November 13th

Senior Cats: Proper Care And What To Expect

Aging doesn’t mean your cat isn’t long for this world—far from it—but it is a clue that it’s time to start watching for the health problems and diseases that sometimes accompany old age.

by CatTime
November 1st

Senior Cat Care

While cats aren’t going to need Botox or face-lifts as they grow older, they will need you to keep caring for them the way you have been — with love and devotion.

by CatTime
November 9th, 2017
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