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  • Product Review: Vita Gravy

    Product Review: Vita Gravy

    Pet Products Review – Vita-Gravy 12oz Meatloaf with gravy, turkey with gravy, mashed Potatoes with gravy…dog food with gravy? And gravy with vitamins? OK now let’s get serious, Vita-Gravy, it’s a vitamin supplement for either cats or dogs. You add a little bit to your pet’s food and enhanced is the taste and nutritional value […]

  • Grooming Products by Pet Head

    Grooming Products by Pet Head

    Pet Product Review: Grooming Products by Pet Head Have you heard of the people grooming products under the name Bed Head? Well, these fun products with names like Superstar, Ego Boost, Cocky, and Moisture Maniac are products I use quite often. So, when I came across a new line with the name Pet Head, grooming […]