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Cat Years: What Are They & How Long Do Cats Live?

There is a common misconception that every human year equals seven cat years. This is not how you accurately measure out cat years, which isn’t an exact number. Here’s what you should know about cat years and how long cats tend to live.

by Maggie Clancy
May 22nd

Cat Blood Types: Do You Know Your Cat’s Blood Type?

If you have ever donated blood or needed surgery, you are more than familiar with your blood type. But what about your cat’s blood type? Knowing your cat’s blood type can be vital in times of emergency. Here is everything you need to know about the different cat blood types.

by Maggie Clancy
May 16th

Prednisone For Cats: Uses, Dosage, & Side Effects

Prednisone and prednisolone are steroids used to reduce inflammation, treat some types of cancer, suppress the immune system, and act as an artificial replacement for glucocorticoid when the cat’s body is not making enough on its own.

by Maggie Clancy
April 22nd

How To Make Homemade Cat Food

Many experts believe making homemade cat food can lead to a healthier, happier life for your cat, but there’s a lot of contradictory information online. Learn how to make nutritious food for your cat safely.

by Maggie Clancy
January 30th

Tuxedo Cats: Fun Facts About The Tuxie

Tuxedo cats, affectionately known as “tuxies,” are named after their dapper appearance. Tuxedo cats have a black and white coat that looks like the cat is wearing, as the name suggests, a tuxedo.

by Maggie Clancy
September 27th

Tabby Cat: Fun Facts About The Tabby

If you have ever asked someone what kind of cat they have, chances are they have answered that they have a tabby cat. Tabby cats are considered one of the most “classic” looking domestic cats, most likely because tabby cats are the most common.

by Maggie Clancy
September 5th
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