CatTime’s top 10 cat news stories in 2012

This year had no shortage of news stories about cats — from telephone-pole rescues to abuse. Here is a countdown of the top 10 news stories posted on CatTime that generated the most traffic.10. Cat saved from euthanasia as ordered in owner’s willWhen Georgia Lee Dvorak passed away, she donated her entire $1.3 million estate […]

by Mike Dogtime
December 19th, 2012

Two-legged cat named Terminator is ready for action

One of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best-known roles is the futuristic assassin, known as the Terminator, from James Cameron’s low-budget 1984 sleeper-hit movie of the same name.One of Schwarzenegger’s now-classic lines from the flick is, “I’ll be back.”That dialogue Georgia resident Courtney Pilgrom had in mind when she named one of two stray cats that arrived on […]

by DogTime Staff
October 3rd, 2012
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