Fishermen Land The Cutest Catch Of The Day: Two Kittens

Two anglers from Alabama were hoping to land a lunker when they set out for some fishing on the Warrior River, but they weren’t expecting to have the cutest fishing trip ever. The fishermen pulled two little kittens out of the water instead of fish! You can start making your “catfishing” jokes now.

The first cat can be seen at the start of the video paddling along from the wooded shore toward the fishing boat. One of the men pulls it up on the deck, and the soaked feline sings his thanks with some grateful meows. Then the men notice a second cat moving through the trees and swimming after its waterlogged sibling. Soon there are two felines on board, wandering around to the amazement of the fishermen.

It’s almost too strange to be true, but these kitties are so happy to escape the woods and find some human companions. We’re happy to know that once the kittens made it to shore again, they were given to a nice family. No more wilderness for these felines. As for the fishermen, well they have one of the weirder fish tales to tell all their friends now.

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