Eerily Lifelike Robot Cat Is The Newest Toy For Seniors

Almost every kid who grows up in America has some kind of toy made by Hasbro. But the company is trying to branch out to seniors with their newest Joy For All toy line. They are featuring robotic companion pets that look and act just like real animals.

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The first toy in this line is a robo-cat that mimics real cats with a ton of gadgets and technology built in. There’s a vibration feature to simulate purring, light sensors that let it respond to petting and hugs, and the ability to turn over for belly rubs. It even moves its head towards your hand to demand more attention.

An elderly man sits in an armchair with a toy cat on his lap and is surrounded by his family.
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I’m all for adopting real life cats and giving them a home whenever it’s at all possible. But for those who absolutely cannot own a real pet, especially seniors with allergies or disabilities that prevent them from providing care, I can see how these would be a huge comfort. And it seems like a fun toy, even if you have a real cat. Still no word if the robot has the ability to get jealous when it sees you pet another kitty.

An elderly woman pets a white toy can that sits near a large window.
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What do you think? Do you want one of these robot cat toys? Or will you stick to your real-life feline friends? Let us know in the comments!

And if you want to get a robot kitty of your own, they are available on Amazon NOW!

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