Officers Use Taser And Bulletproof Shield To Rescue Cat From A Tree

A true hero always saves the cat. When Officers T.J. Markowsky and Harold Rappold of the La Vista Police Department were on patrol one night, they spotted a poor kitty in distress. The cat had climbed a tree and was stuck there. It’s the old cliche of the cat in the tree in need of rescue, but the officers’ method of getting the feline back on the ground was a bit more unusual. In fact, it took riot gear and a potentially deadly weapon.

That makes it sound quite dramatic, but the officers were simply using their tools of the trade in a creative way to help a cat in need. Officer Markowsky used his bulletproof shield as a landing platform so the cat had something to jump down onto while Officer Rappold used the laser on his taser to lure the cat down from his perch. Thanks to their combined effort and quick thinking, the cat climbed down.

Officer Markowsky jokingly tweeted that the cat was in custody and would face charges for scratching him. He also said that Rappold would have some paperwork to do for using a taser. They turned the apprehended feline over to the local Humane Society, where it was adopted shortly after. Hopefully the kitty will trade in a life of climbing trees for snuggling with a forever family.

Are you glad the officers were able to think on their feet to get the cat to safety? What would you do if you saw a cat in a tree? Let us know in the comments below!

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