Kitten Pulled From Recycling Center Conveyor Belt At The Last Moment

Recycling plant workers hold a tiny, hand-sized kitten.
(Picture Credit: YouTube – Vuz TV)

Recycling plant workers are used to seeing all sorts of items fly by on conveyor belts, but a small kitten was a new one for the people at a plant in Galt, California. Somehow the kitten had been picked up on a garbage truck, hauled to the plant, pushed by a tractor onto a conveyor belt, then fallen several feet from one belt to another before an operator spotted her and snatched her from the line.

The compacting systems blades spin very fast, and had the kitten fallen in, she almost certainly wouldn’t have survived. But thanks to the sharp eyes and quick action of the operator, the kitten is just fine.

The supervisor heard the report of a kitten on the line, and she was so surprised that she had to see it for herself. It was love at first sight, and Garcia adopted the little cat. The kitten’s name is Murphy, and she’s happy to be safe and sound in a forever home.

What do you think? Would you be able to spot a kitten among so much debris? Would you take this little kitty home? Let us know in the comments below.

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