Luxury Cat Hotel For Kitties In Need

Some are calling it the “Meow-maison,” but its official name is Woodland Nook Cat Rescue. It’s the creation of Jane Lynegar, a U.K. woman who has taken in over 3,000 unwanted cats in the last 23 years. When you take in that many cats, you run out of room pretty quickly. That’s what happened to Lynegar. But rather than having less cats, she decided to make more room. She converted her backyard garden into a bungalow for even more cats. 

This cat hotel is very luxurious. It cost over half a million dollars to keep up and comes complete with Sky TV and a kitchen with a dishwasher and washing machine, which helps Lynegar prepare food and keep things clean. Lynegar’s husband has done a lot of the construction himself, though he’s the one who set the 15 cats in the home limit. The rest of the kitties have to stay at the hotel.  

Gotta love our shelter.

Posted by Woodland Nook Cat Rescue on Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Also on the premises are a cat conservatory and a kitty castle. In general the cats are all pretty content to watch things like 101 Dalmations on television and relax. There's even a separate cat lodge that customers can rent to pamper their felines, and the proceeds go toward helping the cats. Lynegar doesn't do all the work herself, as a team of cat loving volunteers helps keep the hotel running. After seeing some of the pictures, I almost wish I was a cat just so I could check in! 

Some of the crew. X

Posted by Woodland Nook Cat Rescue on Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Would you open a kitty hotel if you could? Would you stay in a hotel like this? Let us know in the comments below!

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