Demi Lovato’s New Cat May Be Plotting To Destroy Her

Singer Demi Lovato is allergic to cats. You may think the solution to that problem is simple. Just stay away from cats. But cat lovers know how hard it can be to resist a cute, cuddly, purring face. So Lovato, unable to resist the allure of a feline companion, got a hairless cat, thinking that the lack of a fur coat would keep the allergies away.

No such luck. The new kitty is an adorable, wrinkly little thing who seems bent on destroying Lovato. Suffering from allergies seems like it would be pretty detrimental to a singer’s career, but so far Lovato is sticking to her decision to keep the cat. But even if the feline can’t bring her down via dander, the look on the cat’s face says that there may be other plots in store.

In all seriousness, hopefully the two can work out their differences. Lovato clearly loves her new hairless companion, and there are ways to get past allergies and even gain some level of immunity. Maybe then they can both breathe easier and enjoy each other’s company a little more.

What do you think of Demi Lovato’s new cat? Do you think she’ll be able to get past her allergies? Let us know in the comments below!

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