Sphynx cat.
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Be Bald And Free Day: 7 Hilarious Hairless Cats Of Instagram

There are so many breeds of cats out there, but few are more eye-catching than hairless felines. Cats like the popular Sphynx claim devoted pet parents who love their unique looks. However, for those of us used to our everyday fur-clad kitties, hairless breeds can look a little freaky at first.

October 14th is Be Bald And Free Day, and it’s a perfect time to celebrate our hairless kitty friends. They’re rockin’ the bald look, and the results can be very entertaining!

Here’s a roundup of seven standout hairless cats from Instagram that you won’t be able to stop staring at.

1. Hairless And Proud Of It

Xherdan the self-proclaimed Naked Cat is one of the Internet’s foremost Sphynx cats.

This is apparently how he naps — hairless and proud of it!

2. All In The Hairless Family

Check out this clowder of tiny Sphynx kittens from Canada.

Although, on a quick glance they almost look like they could be a litter of Pit Bull puppies, right?

3. Bath Time Is Fancy Time


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Did you know that hairless cats require weekly baths to help wash away the oils from their skin?

Here we have Cat — yep, that’s her name — showing that bath times can also be classy occasions.

4. Introducing The Dwelf


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Do you know what a Dwelf is? Well, it’s a hairless breed of cat that also comes with squat legs and elf-like ears.

As you can see, Dwelfs (Dwelves?) would make great stars in any fantasy movie or TV series.

5. Hairless Cats Are Chic Cats

Due to their lack of fur, hairless cats often have to bundle up to keep warm.

So during this year’s fall and winter seasons, you’re gonna see a lot of Sphynx kitties dressed up like Empathy here in weather-appropriate hoodies.

6. Hairless Cats Thrive At Halloween

Few cats can pull off such a natural Halloween look as Coco, a black Sphynx feline who always gets mistaken for Dracula.

7. The Return Of Hairless Godzilla


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Remember, when out roaming in the wild, do not mistake innocent hairless cats for giant, Japanese, fighting monsters.

So, do you have a favorite hairless cat of Instagram? Are you going to celebrate Be Bald And Free Day with a hairless kitty? Then let us know in the comments below!

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