Guitarist Serenades An Audience Of Kittens On The Streets Of Malaysia

We humans love our music, but that doesn’t mean other species can’t appreciate a good song when they hear one. On the streets of Pangor, Malaysia, a guitarist sat down to play a song after a long night of performing for meager tips. He didn’t know that he’d suddenly have a much cuter and more attentive audience listening in.

Four kittens showed up and sat, quietly watching his performance. They seemed very happy with the tune and even looked like they were bobbing their heads along at one point. What was this singer’s secret? Did he have a guitar pick made of cat nip? Did his instrument hold a secret can opener? That always seems to attract cats around my house.

Nope, he was just playing a song from the heart. Sometimes music can just reach out across species and bring kindred souls together. These cute kittens may not have left a lot of tips, but they certainly showed their appreciation for good music. Maybe this musician should have a concert just for cats! You can find him on Facebook here.

Do you think the kittens were enjoying the music? What kinds of music does your cat like? Let us know in the comments below!

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