Kitten From The Woods Claims Human Family As Her Own

“The cat chooses the human, Mr. Potter,” is almost a quote from the first Harry Potter movie, and it turns out that it’s very true. A Reddit user by the name of Thistlefizz was sitting in his yard with his son one day when a tiny little furball came bounding out of the woods and sat right on his lap. The kitten knew that she was just too cute to resist.

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Thistlefizz was concerned, thinking that a feral cat den or a mother might be nearby. So, even though his wife was concerned, he left the kitten outside for a while to see if a mother would come by. But the kitten waited right outside the back door. That’s when they took a trip to the vet for a check up and supplies and gave the kitten what she demanded–a forever home.


(Picture Credit: Love Meow via Redditor @Thistlefizz)

The family believes the kitten’s mother was a cat they used to see around the neighborhood who had similar markings, but was hit by a car earlier that week. They named the kitten Auri, and she’s a part of the family that she chose now. When you are chosen by a cat, you are owned by a cat.

What would you do if a stray kitten sat on your lap? Would you take this little kitten in? Let us know in the comments below!

Wag of the tail and more pics: LoveMeow!

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