Hands scratch the cat with a special brush. The cat resists, gets angry, bites. Angry look. Close-up, horizontal photo
(Picture Credit: Anna Pecherskaia/Getty Images)

Fur Laughs: Watch Funny Cats Versus Hairbrushes [VIDEO]

Some cats love a good brushing, but the cats in the video above don’t seem to care too much for hairbrushes! Watch the video if you need a good laugh today, and share it with someone who could use a smile.

Even if your cat hates brushes like the kitties in the video above, it’s still important to take good care of their coat.

Here are a few tips for keeping your cat’s fur coat shiny and healthy, whether they love a good brushing or not!

Tips To Groom & Keep Your Cat’s Coat Healthy

(Picture Credit: Anna Pecherskaia/Getty Images)

Caring for your cat’s fur includes grooming, but it doesn’t stop there. Follow these tips:

  • Brush thicker coats more often. Some cats grow in thicker coats during winter to stay warm. If your cat’s coat gets extra floof in cold months, groom them more frequently.
  • Take special care of matted fur. Mats can be quite painful, but do not cut them out with scissors. Get some pet fur clippers that are designed for grooming your cat’s fur. If you’re unsure of what kind to get, ask your vet for suggestions.
  • Feed your cat the right food. Essential fatty acids, like a cat-formulated Omega 3 supplement, can help the coat grow in shinier and thicker. Of course, before changing or adding anything to your cat’s diet, talk to your veterinarian.
  • Avoid static shock. This can especially be a problem in dry weather. You can cut down on static in the air by adding a humidifier to your home. Before grooming, wipe down your kitty with a pet bathing wipe. When you bathe them, consider using a moisturizing shampoo.
  • Watch for sore joints. Some cats have trouble grooming themselves because they have pain in their joints, and they may be sensitive in certain areas when you groom them. If you need to brush or groom a cat like this, be extra gentle with them.

Does your cat hate hairbrushes as much as the cats in the video? Or do they love getting brushed and groomed? Let us know in the comments below!

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