Boy With Autism Reuniting With His Lost Cat Will Warm Your Heart

Autumn the cat means the world to Austen, a nine-year-old boy who was diagnosed with autism, ADHD, and sensory processing issues. The two were introduced when Austen’s mom, Angela, used to work for a veterinarian. One day someone brought in a litter of kittens with their injured mother. Autumn was the only female in the litter, and Angela felt a connection. So she brought the little cat home to meet Austen, and they’ve had a bond ever since.

Austen absolutely adores his cat, and Autumn has a lot of patience for her boy. Like any child, Austen has to learn how to treat animals. She lets him know when she’s had enough, but would never hurt him. She’s there for Austen all the time, waking him up every day, cuddling with him, and giving him headbutts. So when Autumn went missing, Austen, who is very particular with the thing in his life–especially Autumn–was devastated. He cried himself to sleep and became ill, and Angela feared he might become withdrawn.

Angela put flyers out around the neighborhood, but they turned up nothing. That’s when Angela got a tip to leave her garage door open with Autumn’s blanket and bowls out. Sure enough, a day later she heard meowing coming from the garage. Angela was so excited, she pulled Austen out of school to reunite him with his cat and captured his tearful reunion on video. Seeing Austen and Autumn reunited brought tears to our eyes! Thanks to Love Meow for breaking the story!

Are you happy Austen and Autumn are reunited? Do you think this shows how important comfort animals can be? Let us know in the comments below!

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