Japanese Politician’s Campaign Ads Randomly Feature A Cat–Because Why Not?

It’s not often that you see a political campaign that reaches out and touches the hearts of voters by addressing what they truly care about. Well a Japanese Politician’s political ads do just that by featuring the one thing we love more than anything else–cats.

In Japanese elections, most candidates post ads all over the areas where they’re running for office, and most of those ads are just a regular headshot and a slogan. But Satoshi Shima who is running to represent the Mikawa region in Aichi Prefecture just changed the game by putting a white cat on his ad.

Why did he do it? Does it have something to do with his political views? Nope. The cat is there to make you happy. That’s Shima’s explanation. He claims, “If you find one of my white cat posters, you’ll be happy.” He’s even got the same white cat on his campaign van. It may be a little random, but it’s far better than the nasty attack ads we see here in the United States. Shima’s got my vote.

Would you prefer that politicians feature cats in their ads more? Would you vote for Shima if you lived in his region? Let us know in the comments below!

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