A gray funny drunk cat is sleeping after take a root of indian copperleaf (catnip) on the wooden floor.
(Picture Credit: surachetsh/Getty Images)

Catnip Is The Real Reason Behind An Initially Concerning Viral Photo Of Cats

A recent photograph, seen above, has been making its way around the social media circuit. It initially seems to show a large group of cats in a very concerning state. In short, it looks like the clowder of kitties has been hurt or poisoned en masse.

Not exactly the sort of thing you want popping up in your news feed, right?

But digging into the backstory of the photo reveals a much more relaxed and lighter-hearted explanation: The cats have actually just finished feasting on a bunch of catnip plants and have entered a communal state of bliss.

Catnip — Not Just For Cats

The scenario behind the photograph takes place in Japan, according to news reports.

In order to address the seasonal problem of mosquitoes, a large amount of catnip plants were planted around the neighborhood. This is because catnip contains an essential oil called nepetalactone that can help to repel mosquitoes.

But as all cat parents know, catnip also proves irresistible to most kitties.

So the scene that Twitter user @Pakaguchi chanced across and subsequently photographed wasn’t some horrific feline sacrifice, but rather a a blissed-out catnip congregation starring the neighborhood’s many cats.

Letting Your Own Cat Enjoy Catnip Safely

(Picture Credit: surachetsh/Getty Images)

When it comes to giving catnip to your own kitty, it’s worth remembering a few key considerations:

  • In most cases, a cat who eats catnip will become nicely sedated, but a cat who sniffs catnip might proceed to act amped up and wild.
  • Sprinkling catnip on your cat’s bedding or favorite sleeping spot can be a great way to introduce catnip to your kitten.
  • Catnip plants can also prove alluring to cats; although, make sure they don’t consume too much all at once as it could bring on diarrhea or vomiting.

How does your cat react to catnip? Have you ever seen as many cats on catnip in one place as there are in the photo? Let us know in the comments below!


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