Cat Named Flipper With Deformed Limbs Gets Surgery And Forever Home

Flipper wears two pink casts
(Picture Credit: Facebook – RSPCA ACT)

Flipper the cute black and white kitten came to the RSPCA in rough shape. His owner had threatened to dispose of the cat because he was born without a radius in his front legs, which left him deformed and unable to walk. But the RSPCA took him in and got him the surgery he needed, and now Flipper looks adorable with his flippers in two pink casts that help him heal.

An x-ray of the leg
(Picture Credit: Facebook – RSPCA ACT)

It took months of surgery to fix his legs, and he needed to have them splintered to help straighten them out. He’ll need to wear his casts five days a week until he’s fully grown in order to heal properly. But he’s on the road to recovery and a normal cat life. And the good news doesn’t stop there–Flipper has a forever home now!

This sweet kitty is ready to live out his days with a family that wants and loves him. Flipper will be able to walk like normal before long and use his legs to jump, climb, and cause mischief just like any other cat. We wish him a speedy recovery and good luck in his new life!

Flipper's new owner holds him
(Picture Credit: Facebook – RSPCA ACT)

Would you adopt a cat like Flipper? What would you do if you found a cat who couldn’t walk on his own? Let us know in the comments below!

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