Firefighters Save Cat Stuck With Neck Wedged In Sewer Grate

If you love firefighters, you’ll like this story. The Winchendon Fire Department in Massachusetts responded to an animal rescue call. A one-year-old cat got her head stuck in a sewer grate and was hanging by her neck. She was barely breathing when her rescuers arrived. Firefighters got to work right away at getting her free.

Two of the workers pulled up the grate and held it on its side so the cat could breathe. Then the cat’s owner arrived on the scene. A firefighter told him to get some dish soap, and when he came back, they started spreading the soap around the cat’s head and neck. Within a couple of minutes, the kitty was free.

It’s most likely that the cat somehow got into the storm drain and got stuck when she tried to get out. Her relieved owner says that she’s is embarrassed, but overall in good shape. Thanks to the firefighters of the Winchendon Fire Department, this story has a happy ending.

What would you do if you saw a cat hanging from a sewer grate? Let us know in the comments below!

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