Over 100 Cats Saved From Home Of Animal Hoarder, And You Can Help!

Authorities weren’t prepared for what they saw when they arrived at a home in Daleville, Indiana. They were called to the condemned house when someone passed away of natural causes, but the house was completely packed with cats. Tons of cats. Over 100 in total along with a few dogs, too. So they called the Muncie Animal Shelter for help.

Workers from the shelter had to wear hazmat suits just to go about removing the animals. But that was just one of the challenges of rescuing so many cats. The medical costs for the treatment of the animals is estimated to be about $9,000. But Muncie Animal Shelter is dedicated to avoiding euthanasia, and they want to make sure every one of the animals finds a forever home. 

You can help the Muncie Animal Shelter, too, by adopting one of these cats if you’re able, or you can provide a temporary foster home as they deal with the influx of animals from the situation. You can also donate to help cover the medical costs if you’re unable to take a cat home at this time. And at the very least, please help share this story on social media to get the word out. Hopefully, with your help, the Muncie Animal Shelter will be able to provide loving, caring homes free of neglect for all the cats they’ve rescued.

Are you going to take one of these cats home? How do you think the shelter should make sure all the cats get adopted? Let us know in the comments below!

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